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Don’t chew on this: The hazards of ice are crystal clear

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Ever have a bad habit that you just can’t break? Chewing on ice may be a habit that can break your teeth. Before you start crunching on the last bits of cubes left in your glass, or reaching for ice chips to busy your mouth, there are a few things you should know: 1. Teeth […]

5 Ways Your Genes Affect Your Oral Health

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Scientists for the most part have identified what causes cavities but studies show that there are some genetic risk factors that could make people more at risk for cavities. 1. Genetic sweet tooth– Scientists have found a gene variant that’s associated with sweetness preference. If someone is genetically wired to prefer sweet things they are […]

Chew On This!

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Let’s Talk Bites: Smaller Bites for Optimal Health Our parents always told us to take small bites and take time chewing our food, but in our fast paced lives we often forget about this sound advice as we wolf down meals in a hurry. Hopefully by understanding what damage this is causing we can take […]

Dental Health Tips For Vegetarians

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Dentist Should Advise Vegetarians on Good Oral Health We all have different prerogatives when it comes to our food choices. And nowadays, it seems like we all know someone who is becoming a vegetarian. Some of us choose this lifestyle but do we ever see any consequences associated with it? In terms of dental health, […]

Let’s Talk Gingivitis

Let’s Talk Gingivitis

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When we think about oral health, one of the major parts of our mouth that can cause problems is the gum. If gums become red and often bleed, it may be an indication of gum disease. There are two different types of gum disease. One is called gingivitis and the other, periodontitis. Periodontitis is the […]

Solutions For Too-Sensitive Teeth

Solutions For Too-Sensitive Teeth

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Hot and cold sensitivity making it tough to enjoy your favorite foods? Here are some ways to ease the discomfort. Ouch, we say as we grab our mouth! Whether it’s a chilling bite of ice cream hitting our enamel, or a piece of candy affecting some previous bacterial buildup, tooth sensitivity is caused by many […]

Good Eats For Great Teeth

Good Eats For Great Teeth

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When we eat, we rarely think about how our favorite foods affect our teeth. Well we should! Various foods can have very different impacts on our oral health. Here are some types of food that are recommended and some that are not. Follow these, and your smile will remain radiant and you’ll feel healthier overall […]