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Chew On This!

Posted by: Osorio Dental Group


Let’s Talk Bites: Smaller Bites for Optimal Health

Our parents always told us to take small bites and take time chewing our food, but in our fast paced lives we often forget about this sound advice as we wolf down meals in a hurry. Hopefully by understanding what damage this is causing we can take our time to chew during our next meal.

1. Lacerations- Taking large bites of hard, crunchy foods can cause cuts in the mouth, as the sharp edges of the food rub against the sides of the mouth.

2. Acid reflux and erosion- Not chewing properly can result in the stomach producing too much acid when digesting the food. This excess acid ends up reaching the mouth and eroding the enamel on your teeth.

3. Jaw pain- opening the mouth wide to take large bites and to chew large mouthfuls can stretch the jaw painfully; especially at risk are people with TMJ, as their jaws are already strained.

4. Chipped teeth- biting into hard candies or ice can cause chips I the teeth or existing dental restorations

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