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Staff Spotlight: Christopher Mercedes

Christopher is originally from New York City, but spent much of his youth in Leominster, MA. As a child he was a fanatic for all things theatrical. His dream job as a child was to be an actor, singer, or dance choreographer. After years in health care offices, Christopher made the transition to dentistry because […]

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The Reason Why Oral Piercings Are Bad For Your Teeth

Oral piercings are a popular form of self-expression and for some serve as a stylish accessory to their appearance. Even though an oral piercing might look cute, it could be seriously harming your oral health. The mouth is teeming with bacteria. Oral piercings are prone to infection and inflammation, and the bacteria in the mouth […]

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Why Do Some Healthy Foods Cause Tooth Decay?

One British mother was very unhappy when her five-year-old son needed a tooth pulled. Like many parents, she didn’t give her son soda or fruit juice often and couldn’t understand how his teeth had gotten so bad. After asking her dentist, it turned out that the culprit was a healthy food. It was dried fruit […]

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