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Staff Spotlight: Christopher Mercedes

Posted by: Osorio Dental Group


Christopher is originally from New York City, but spent much of his youth in Leominster, MA. As a child he was a fanatic for all things theatrical. His dream job as a child was to be an actor, singer, or dance choreographer.

After years in health care offices, Christopher made the transition to dentistry because he loves seeing a patient’s smile transform over time. If he could share one dental tip with patient’s, it would be, “Remember the importance of flossing. Brushing alone does not remove all the particles of food that can get stuck in between your teeth therefore causing more chance of plaque building.”

Check out these other fun things about Chris:

1.“I’m a music fanatic.”

2. “I’m a very picky eater.”

3. “I’d like to eventually live some place where it’s warm all year round.”

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